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By Theresa Davis

Falling Upwards

This is my story, I’m not famous I don’t have a huge Social Media following, but I am someone who has spent a long time in my life fighting to overcome one or more adversities. Falling and rebuilding each time to a better life. Hence the title “Falling Upwards”
In 2018 a chance discovery on Facebook led to a journey back to my cultural roots, trawling through these sometimes traumatic experiences, along with the information I received along the way caused a reexamination of the motivations of the people during my formative years.
The realisation that I was denied a better life and instead was forced along a path, not of my choosing, which just resulted in early adulthood of denial and hiding my true nature in the bottom of a pint glass becoming involved with a woman in an abusive relationship.
Following the death of my mother, resulting in my life spinning out of control. I lost virtually everything I had, I finally was able to confront the issue that had been there in the background most of my life and I came out as trans.
What followed was a bittersweet experience over the next 20 years, working in Fleet St, before moving to Spain for a new life. Ultimately this is a story of triumph over constant adversity with a message of never giving up no matter what life throws at you.


Theresa Davis

Born at the end of 1970, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK I grew up in a sleepy Northamptonshire village, leaving school with very average O Level results, I started work at 16, attending college on a day release program eventually working through to the verge of obtaining a degree. Until life took a sideways tilt and I came out as trans in 1997, after a couple of years of pain and struggle I eventually joined the Telegraph in early 2001. I remained there until I asked for redundancy in 2007. I took the redundancy payment and used it to purchase a run down property in the Canary Islands, Spain where I now live, and run my own technology company, with my wife HelenĀ 

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